The countdown to the new year has begun! The rush to get the best gift to make our loved ones happy has begun! While receiving the most special gift, you can also pay special attention to the night you will spend with your loved ones that night! One of the gifts that spouses usually prefer at Christmas is stem cell aesthetics! Although every age has its own beauty, a youthful and radiant skin is undoubtedly the dream of everyone, whether male or female. Stem Cell Therapy has never been as popular as it has been in recent years. Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu, who makes stem cell therapy for readers, gave important information about your curiosity.


Stem cells not only provide the treatment of some important diseases, but also enable us to rejuvenate. Scientific studies show that the tissue richest in stem cells in the body is actually the subcutaneous adipose tissue around the belly button. It is possible to see this adipose tissue as a fountain of youth that allows the body to repair, repair and rejuvenate itself. About Stem Cell SVF Treatment, which is applied by injecting the stem cells obtained by separating the fat easily taken from the subcutaneous fat tissue around the navel with a special process under laboratory conditions with special medical procedures, without waiting, hiding, reproducing, activating, and injecting into the same person alive. . Yüksel Büküşoğlu gave information.


A stem cell is a cell that can differentiate in any organ, connective or bone tissue of the body and undertake reparative, regenerative and reparative functions. The region richest in stem cells is the subcutaneous fat tissues around the navel. Millions of live stem cells can be obtained in a few hours by taking a very small amount, approximately one glass of water, from the subcutaneous fat tissue. This treatment is called Stem Cell SVF treatment. The aim of Stem Cell SVF treatment, which is obtained from our own belly fat tissue, is to accelerate the regeneration, rejuvenation, repair and repair in that tissue by injecting enriched stem cells into the worn tissue. For this purpose, stem cells are mostly used in joint complaints by being injected into the joint or applied to the skin. Stem Cell SVF Treatment is used in cases such as knee and hip joint calcification, cartilage damage, meniscus and sports injuries, as well as for aesthetic facial and skin rejuvenation, hair growth and revitalization.


It is one of the newest applications of today’s medicine to provide rejuvenation, revitalization, repair and repair and cellular rejuvenation in the worn tissue by using our own stem cells obtained from the subcutaneous fat tissue of our body, immediately and without waiting, alive. One of the latest applications of medicine in the treatment of knee and hip calcification, as well as to help our skin have a younger and more vibrant structure and appearance for aesthetic purposes, is the treatments made with our own stem cells.If we look from this point of view in the light of the latest scientific developments, if we think that we can repeat this process an unlimited number of times and that there will be no side effects such as allergy, tissue rejection, hypersensitivity reaction due to the fact that our body has its own cells, it may be possible to qualify our own oils as a rejuvenation fountain that can be used in case of need. .

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