Stretch marks that occur during weight gain or loss can be some women’s worst nightmare. In fact, while it is something that happens to most of us and we should accept it as normal, unfortunately, the imposition of beauty has spoiled our psychology. There is no method we haven’t tried to be perfect. However, we are sure that you would not care if no one had enlarged such a simple image as a crack. However, if this situation bothers you, I have come up with suggestions to reduce your stretch marks.

Do you care about water consumption?

Your body needs moisture to maintain its elasticity on the skin surface. For this, you need to consume enough water, which is the most important resource. If you consume enough water, your skin layer will stay moist. Thus, you will prevent cracks in your skin in case of rapid weight gain or loss.

use a moisturizer

Another method that will keep your body moist like water is moisturizing creams. In order to protect your skin barrier, you should definitely use a moisturizer after the bath and keep your skin moist. As another option, you can choose aloe vera, which is very rich in vitamin E.

Flaxseed and yogurt

Flaxseed is the strongest vegetable collagen source. Mix some flax seeds with yogurt and apply it to your skin by massaging. This method is both herbal and reliable for the treatment of stretch marks.

dry brushing

After each shower, apply pumpkin fiber or any body brush to the cracked area. In this way, your body will be purified from dead skin and your blood circulation and lymph system will be activated.

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