The short definition of depression is “depression”.

It can be described as an increase in feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, guilt, sadness, sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, and a decrease in the ability to enjoy. Concentration disorder reflected in your life in connection with these, deterioration in social and professional functions, economic problems, problems in marriage and business relations, while physical fatigue, headache, insomnia or oversleeping, weight loss or excess weight gain due to appetite disorders, In addition to gastrointestinal problems, it has been proven by clinical studies that in the case of chronic depression, it paves the way for cardiovascular diseases.

Because at least half of depression cases go undiagnosed, it cannot be cured. Untreated depression can worsen over time.

It is essential to receive treatment, especially in 2 types of significant depression.

Melancholic Depression

Waking up early in the morning, interrupted sleep at night

Depression is more pronounced in the morning

decreased appetite, weight loss

Inappropriate guilt, feeling guilty about unnecessary matters

Slowing down in movements, getting away from daily life activities.

Depression (not wanting to do anything)

indicates such features.

Since the person has low activity, withdrawal from daily life, marked unhappiness and low energy, he and someone who observes from the outside can easily realize that the person has depression and needs help.

Atypical Depression

Often the person may not even have the idea that they are depressed.

Increased appetite – weight gain and increased sleep.

Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, difficulty starting the day

People may feel good at certain times of the day and bad at certain times.

Pain and heaviness in the arms and legs are common

Hypersensitivity to interpersonal rejection

He is likely to have difficulty maintaining interpersonal relationships, and problems with school and work.

When he does the activities he likes and is with people he enjoys, his mood improves. For this reason, the person may encounter critical attitudes such as “lazy”, “it doesn’t work”, “how does he do it when he wants to”. Because while he is reluctant to some activities and responsibilities, it is possible to do some activities happily and energetically. Especially for this reason, the person and those around him cannot realize that what is going on is a kind of depression. For this reason, it may be delayed for the depressed person to seek support and seek treatment.

It is usually seen in young individuals, and alcohol-substance use may accompany it.

If you are showing symptoms of depression, it would be best to choose support without waiting for it to become chronic.

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