What is the connection between our emotions and our skin?

Our skin is not only a “barrier” that marks the boundary between the outside world and our body, but also the fundamental organ of non-verbal communication between people. Our skin, which has the same embryological origin as our brain, has been our first point of contact with the outside world and others since the day we were born, the organ of expression of our emotions, excitement and reactions, and also the organ in which our body image is most intensely embodied .

It plays an important role in the socialization process from childhood to adulthood, clearly expressing emotions such as anger, fear, shame, and anger, responding to emotional stimuli, and instilling self-image and self-confidence.

What skin problems are related to stress?

There is a bi-directional relationship between a person’s mental structure/personality traits and skin disorders. Psychological stress can affect the skin through neuromediators (hormones) that can predispose to some skin diseases, and persistent dermatological conditions can also cause psychiatric problems in the person.

The major dermatological conditions known to be aggravated by stress are chronic conditions such as eczema, acne (acne), psoriasis, ringworm and urticaria.

So what should a care routine be that makes the skin happy?

We should start our skin care routine by cleansing our face with an appropriate cleanser. The absorption and therefore the effectiveness of moisturizers that are applied without removing the dead skin cells, oil and make-up particles that have accumulated on our skin throughout the day decreases.

In the first step we have to cleanse our skin with a suitable cleanser and purify it with a tonic. In the second step, we should take care of the dark circles, bruises and wrinkles around the eyes.

In the third step, we should apply strengthening serums to soften and moisturize the skin and increase the effectiveness of day/night creams. In the last step we complete our routine by applying night and day creams that suit our skin structure. Following this routine, which takes just 2 minutes twice a day, increases the effectiveness of the products by up to 7x.

3 suggestions for those who want to make their skin happy and beautified

1. We should clean our skin with appropriate products.
2. We should use sunscreen in all seasons.
3. We should moisturize our skin with proper moisturizers.

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