The biggest sign of aging is droopy eyebrows. With different eyebrow lifting methods, eyebrow lifting can make you look younger and more vital. Eyebrows have a major impact on facial expressions. Asymmetry and drooping eyebrows can reduce expression and make people look bad. Over time, aging and eyelid problems pave the way for droopy eyebrows. One or both eyes may see brows and drooping eyelids. In some cases, a slight drooping occurs, and in some cases, drooping eyebrows or eyelids may drop to the level of the pupil. In these and similar cases, visual impairments occur. Visual discomfort can also occur.

What are the commonly preferred methods of raising eyebrows?

Botox: The eyebrow lifting method with Botox is very suitable for people who are afraid of surgery. In the eyebrow lifting method with Botox, the process begins with the eyebrow analysis. This is done by injecting botulinum toxin at the designated site. Since a special fine-tipped needle is used during the application, the person does not feel any pain. Post-operative redness and swelling disappear on their own without intervention. With raised eyebrows after the operation, the deep and tired expression disappears forever and regains a lively and youthful appearance.

Bella eyes: With the Bella Eyes procedure, the eyebrows are raised and the eyes appear more slanted than they are. This process; It is preferred by people who begin to sag from the corners of their eyes, crow’s feet and eyelids. Thanks to the application, people can get rid of these problems and achieve the vibrant and youthful look they want.

Since it is a surgical procedure, it must be performed by a plastic surgeon who is an expert in the field. The biggest advantage is that it leaves no scars and the incision remains completely on the scalp. The operation can be returned to normal life in an average of 7 days with a one-night hospital stay. After the operation, the incision should be closed with a sterile strip. It is recommended that patients do not let water get on the operation area for 3 days and do not lie face down for 10 days.

Trinity Lift Method: Due to the aging of the facial area, deformation occurs in the area considered as the central part of the face. These deformities can affect the skin, fatty tissue, and bone structure. All of these negative effects can make the person look older and tired than they really are. Unlike the classic method, the Trinity lifting method, which is suitable for aging and eliminating fatigue, can make people look younger and more beautiful by eliminating facial deformities. Trinity Lift uses endoscopy, a new skin beauty method. This method is generally suitable for young and middle-aged patients. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours.

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