Did you know how sneezing, which occurs with many effects, affects the heart when held? We have compiled for you the connection between these two conditions and what to do when sneezing. What are the effects of sneezing on the heart? How about sneezing? What causes constant sneezing? You can find all the frequently asked questions in the details of our news.

Trigeminal nerves are stimulated as a result of foreign bodies infiltrating the mucous membranes and hairs in the nose through the air. This stimulus reaches the brain. As a result of these signals, sneezing occurs. During sneezing, which is a complex situation, some muscles in the body do not work. In sneezing, which is the escaping of air from the nose, the air accumulated in the face, neck, abdominal cavity and chest quickly goes out. During this process, the tongue is lifted and all foreign bodies are thrown out.

effects of sneezing on the body

CAUSES OF sneezing

Sun rays, dust and pollen trigger sneezing.

Genetic predisposition; this is rarely seen. It is the reflex emergence of the air that fills the esophagus after the stomach is filled.

As a result of the accumulation of viruses in the body during the upper respiratory tract, the enlargement of the nasal glands and accumulation of inflammation are among the causes of sneezing.

effects of sneezing on the body

WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF sneezing on the heart?

  • This condition, which affects all functions of the body, naturally also affects the heart. During the expulsion of internal pressure, the muscles in the body remain motionless. This applies to the muscles of the heart. It is the sudden opening of the vessels leading to the heart due to the pressure. This is actually not a harmful situation, it supports the heart to beat more regularly again.
  • However, at this time, when the pressure is prevented from being released, the air fills in and causes damage to the heart valve and vessels. This is not only for the heart, but the pressure that has to come out suddenly causes severe damage to the blood vessels in the brain. In particular, it can lead to bursting of aneurysm vessels and even brain hemorrhage.

effects of sneezing on the body


Sneezing, which is among the symptoms of allergic reactions, also indicates that the nasal glands are enlarged or that the accumulation of dirt in the nose is excessive. Especially during this time, the person sneezes more than three times. This causes the body to constantly release pressure. Just like holding a sneeze, constant sneezing also has serious harms. Explosion of internal organs, which has a one percent chance of being seen, is among these serious problems.

HOW DOES sneezing go?

The body’s resistance should be increased by consuming regular amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Prolonged standing in dirty and dusty areas that can cause sneezing should be avoided.

It is necessary to regularly clean the inflammation accumulated in the channels in the nose.

If you have to stay indoors for a long time, you should ventilate that area hourly.

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