We often see what we call resistant weight in people who have lost a certain level of weight. If you can’t lose weight even though we follow healthy nutrition recommendations, Dietitian Burcu Kırbaç talked about what we can do to break the resistance weight. Here are the key considerations for breaking into diet weight.

Have a routine blood test

It is very important to have a routine blood test. Blood tests should be renewed every 6-9 months. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can create resistance to weight loss. For example; It has been proven by studies that vitamin D deficiency is important for weight loss, and its deficiency can create resistance in weight loss. Iron, B12, deficiencies can also interfere with weight loss. The missing vitamin or mineral must be completed under the control of a physician. I often encounter what we call insulin resistance. May cause resistance to weight loss. Likewise, it is important to have a blood test related to this. Thyroid hormones should be checked. Slow functioning of the thyroid can make it difficult to lose weight.


It is very important to do 30-45 minutes of light-paced exercise a day. If we are a person who never moves, you can break your resistance weight by adding regular walks every day. The exact opposite; If we are a person who does a lot of sports, you may need to surprise the body by reducing the sports a little more. In cases where you cannot go out, you can fill the gap by doing indoor exercises at home.

one type of diet

Uniform nutrition is a nutritional habit that we do not want in terms of health and weight control. Not one type of nutrition; We should aim for a colorful diet. Not only a breakfast consisting of eggs, but also cold cuts and healthy fat sources; It is our breakfast choice with plenty of greens such as olives or walnuts.

If you consume a meat group for every lunch, you can replace it with vegetable dishes. It is also wrong to eat only salad and leave the table. It would be beneficial to add a healthy protein source (such as meatballs/chicken/fish/turkey/legumes) and healthy carbohydrate sources (such as brown bread/bulgur/quinoa/buckwheat/whole grain pasta) next to the salad.

always eat at the same time

If you have breakfast at the same time every day, you can change the time to surprise the body. For example; If you are having breakfast very early, you can put breakfast forward 2-3 hours. If we eat dinner late, you can take it to early hours.

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