Our skin is affected by external factors such as cold, sun, wind, air pollution, as well as drugs, creams, age and various diseases. The skin, like other organs, needs protection and care. Medical skin care cleanses the skin from the accumulated dirt, starting from the upper layer, moisturizes it deeply, and helps the skin to restore its sebum balance. It is made using dermatological cosmetics. Applications and products may vary according to skin type, age of the person, skin problems and needs. Medical skin care can be seen as all skin applications that slow down the aging of the skin, clean it and restore its elasticity.

What is done in medical skin care?

The main purpose of medical skin care is the deep cleansing of the skin. For this reason, the first thing to do is;

– It is the process of cleaning the skin to prepare it for care.

It is aimed to tighten the pores by toning the skin, all pores of which are completely cleaned.

– Peeling is applied to purify our toned skin from dead skin.

– The purified skin will be softened with a steam bath and made suitable for the procedures to be continued.

– After these procedures, the skin is calmed by applying soothing serums.

– Toning processes are performed to recover the loosened skin.

– After these procedures, special masks that are suitable for the skin and contain the necessary ingredients are applied, and the care is aimed to be more permanent. The mask is kept for a while and cleaned.

– Massage is applied to the cleaned skin by applying suitable moisturizers.

Finally, sunscreen is applied and skin care is finished.

What are the benefits of medical skin care?

As the blood circulation and lymph drainage system are active thanks to regular medical skin care, the skin continues to renew itself. Since the oxygen rate is sufficient in the subcutaneous tissues, the skin can maintain its vitality. Some of the countless benefits of medical skin care are:

– Provides anti-aging protection

– Helps the skin breathe with pore cleaning

– Activates blood circulation and lymph system

– Helps maintain sebum balance

– Provides protection against skin blemishes

– Prevents loss of elasticity

How often should skin care be done?

It is the recommended time to have it done once a month, but if this is not possible, medical skin care should be done once every 2 months.

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