Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer gave important information about the subject. Our eyes are the most important organs that provide integrity when it comes to facial aesthetics. The eyes are located in the area that helps the person to express his/her emotional states, is the first to stand out when we look at it, and where we feel the signs of aging the most. These factors, which make eye aesthetics important, have now become possible to perform operations without surgery, without keeping the person from their daily life and without risk.

When it comes to eye aesthetics, there are two models that have become increasingly popular in recent years; Almond eye aesthetics and cat eye aesthetics. Both aesthetics contribute to the beauty integrity of the person and become extremely supportive in social life relations, if applied by a specialist physician and his team, suitable for the face shape of the person.


Cat eye aesthetics is an aesthetic application that performs the process of making the eyes of the person suitable and complementary to the facial aesthetics, just like in the almond eye. Just like a cat’s eyes, cat eye aesthetics, in which a round, expressive eye shape that is positioned in the golden ratio with the face and captures an attractive expression on the person, is made possible with advanced medical technology, painless, bleeding, bandage-free and risk-free operations.


Plexr technology, which we now use in almost every area of ​​the aesthetic world, the rope stretching method with medical threads, and the botox method we use for stretching and shaping are among the methods we use most in cat eye aesthetics.

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