Nasal lubrication is a problem that some people experience frequently. If there is smearing in your nose area and acne appears, don’t worry about it. You can eliminate nasal lubrication with some methods that you can do at home.

The problem of lubrication in the nose can arise due to the foods we eat or the medicines used.

Because of the dense oil glands in the nasal area and the large pores, the nasal area is more prone to lubrication than other areas.

To get rid of this lubrication in the nasal area, you can prevent the lubrication by preparing some home cures.

protein cure

Thanks to the vitamin it contains, protein helps to eliminate blemishes and reduce skin oiliness.

Beat the egg whites until fluffy, apply to your nose and wait for them to dry. After the egg white has dried, wash and dry your face. You can get results by applying this process at least 2 times a week.

cucumber cure

Strain the cucumber by grating it. Mix the juice of the cucumber with lemon juice and apply on the nose. Then wash and dry your face. You can apply this process regularly every day.

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