The problem of drooping eyelids affects 5% of the population and is more common with advancing age. Low eyebrows and eyelids can cause visual impairment and reduce quality of life by threatening people’s visual health. The most common cause of droopy eyebrows and eyelids is aging. With age, the muscles that lift the eyelids and keep the eyes open weaken and begin to sag under the influence of gravity. In some cases, the muscles that open the eyelids can be congenitally weak. The same goes for eyebrows. Over time, the muscles that fix the eyebrows weaken and the eyebrows fall.

Droopy eyelids can appear on one or both eyes and on the forehead

In some cases, a slight drooping occurs, and in some cases, drooping eyebrows or eyelids may drop to the level of the pupil. In these and similar cases, vision is impaired and the person experiences vision loss. If the sagging experience has not progressed, the brain will be aware of the condition even if the patient is unaware and tries to raise their eyelids or eyebrows. People who read, write or use computers often feel heavy in their eyes. The reason for this weight is the existing deflection. The texture of the eyebrows is very soft and will weaken over time. Weak eyebrows can cause a tired look. In addition to appearance, there may also be visual discomfort.

Surgical methods are preferred for treatment

Surgery is the first choice in treating drooping eyebrows and eyelids. In the operation, which is performed under general anesthesia, the incision site is defined as a skin fold. Going deep from the incision area lifts the eyelids and strengthens the muscles associated with them. Although it varies from person to person, after the necessary post-operative checks, which last about 1 hour, the person is discharged from the hospital. The person can easily return to daily life. Slight swelling and bruising may occur, these symptoms are normal. Ten days after the operation, the stitches are removed and the healing process is complete.

When it comes to eyebrow raising methods, it is important to choose the method that suits the person’s face. In addition, it should be decided together with the doctor how much the eyebrows are raised. After the brow lift procedure, a certain time interval is required for inspection. Mimics are not expected for a period of time, and eyebrows are fixed.

What are the preferred methods for eyebrow lifting?

Stretching Method: This method is a permanent method. It is the first choice for young and middle-aged people. It is performed under local anesthetic and the incision is made from the upper part of the eyebrows upwards.

Rope method: The recovery time in the rope method is very short. In this method, micro-devices are used to move the eyebrows up from the hairline.

The method that affects both the eyebrows and the eye area: Bella Eyes

With the Bella Eyes Method, which is a surgical procedure, you can get a youthful look in just 2.5 hours. When applied, the eyebrows are raised according to the contour of the person’s face. This gives the eyes a more slanted and youthful look. This method is often preferred for people with droopy eyes, crow’s feet, and droopy eyelids.

We see successful results with the Bella Eyes technique in many of our patients. At the same time, I convey this technique to my colleagues with the training courses that I have carefully prepared.

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