You may have been dragged into a depressive mood with the effect of the pandemic process, economic problems and winter depression that we have been experiencing for a long time. We have to keep in mind that whatever problems we experience will end one day. It is imperative that we have a positive perspective on events. Then listen to the positive psychology recommended by experts to get rid of negative emotions…

give thanks

Gratitude and gratitude invigorate the soul. It also fills the soul with positive emotions. Given its measurable contributions to human health, the researchers concluded that gratitude and gratitude increase optimism, which in turn has a positive effect on a person’s immune system.

Using strong personality traits

Write down your personality traits that you think are strong (such as creativity or loyalty) and then try to use those traits in a different way each day.

Three good things every day

Every day for a week, write down the things that are going well in your life, along with the reasons why.

Five minute elimination session

Take five minutes each week and write down all the negative thoughts that come to your mind on a piece of paper. Then tear that paper and destroy it.

Speak to yourself lovingly and gently

Talk to yourself and get rid of what’s making you unhappy. Continuing to carry sadness or distress not only causes more stress, stress is also the reason why more free radicals and toxins are released in the body.

Clean your desk, wardrobe, car

Where you spend a lot of time, compile and collect it. The feeling of energy and renewal that comes with this cleansing will be very good for your body, mind and soul. Tidy spaces equal a tidy mind.

do not force anything

If you are resisting doing something, then allow yourself not to do it. If we resist doing something, there must be a reason. Listen to your inner voice. Do more of the things you enjoy.

help others

Do something to help others, be it a few hours a week or a month a year. Find a charity or movement around you that speaks to you and your soul and that you can truly trust.

Try to keep a gratitude journal

Write down 10 things you are grateful for each day on a piece of paper. Once a week, send a note or email to someone in your life expressing your gratitude for the good things they have brought to your life.

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