We want your body to have a strong body that is not fragile both in appearance and quickly. However, even if there is a thought that we have to work hard in return for these requests, you can have both a fit appearance and a strong body with 5 basic movements. You can start the exercises right away by taking a look at the basic exercises that strengthen the body that we have prepared as Alaynacook.com!

Bridge exercise

Strengthen your lower body with the bridge exercise. Lie down on a flat surface and place a towel under your neck. Your feet and head should remain stable on the ground. Raise and lower your body up and down with your spine straight. Do this move 10-15 times.

Strengthen the waist and legs with deadlift

You can strengthen the waist and legs with this movement. You can do this exercise with weights. Raise and lower the weight in a crouching position. Your hips should be back and you should lift the weight up to waist level. It will be enough to repeat this method 10 times.

Incline dumbbell lateral raises exercise

This weight-lifting exercise strengthens your shoulder and arm muscles. Lift the dumbbells with your arms out to the sides, opening your wings. If you do these movements for 4 sets of 12 times, you can strengthen and tighten your shoulders.

For shoulder muscles…

One of the most effective methods to develop shoulder muscles is the dumbbell press. Take the dumbbell in both hands and lift it up and down. Do this move in 4 sets.

For the development of abdominal and leg muscles…

With this move, you can strengthen your abdominal muscles and leg muscles. You also need a high place for this move. You can also do it sitting in a chair. Lift your legs up and raise your legs up and down, squeezing your stomach. Repeat 15-20 times with 4 sets.

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