One of the hardest fat burning places on the body is the abdomen. We do exercises and various diets to get rid of the belly fat that many of us complain about, but we still cannot achieve the desired result! However, we have news that will help you get rid of stubborn abdominal structures in a short time! You can burn your belly fat by doing the Crunch exercise at intervals of 2 or 3 days! How is Crunch made? What exercise is done to get rid of belly fat? Answers to your questions!

What is the Crunch move?

Having a tight and lean stomach is one of the situations we all dream of. Although it is difficult to burn belly fat, it is not impossible. For a fit and lean stomach, we, as, have brought together for you how to do the crunch movement, which is very effective among exercises!

Tightens the abdomen

Since your abdominal area is not exposed to much movement, you may hamper at first and feel slight muscle pain. However, these pains will be relieved by getting used to the change after these exercises done regularly.

How to do the Crunch move?

First, lie on your back on a flat surface, then lie down and bend your knees at shoulder level. Raise your feet to rest on your heels instead of fully pressing them. Then straighten your hands under your head so that your shoulder blades are lifted into the air. While doing this movement, the bones are completely in the air and the feet are lifted off the ground.

What is Crunch good for?

It helps to tighten the abdominal region, which is very difficult to melt and tighten in the body, and transforms the fat in the abdominal region into muscle. The movement that activates the muscles and works best is the crunch movement. It was quite the most effective move to give the body a fit look.

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