The 20s are the time when skin is at its most beautiful and healthy. At this age, it is easy to protect and beautify the skin. The most common method for the 20’s age group is to fill out applications. The first choice of young patients is the filling application for lip augmentation. With this application you can achieve a fuller lip appearance. In addition, the filling process is often favored to create angular facial lines, which we call Hollywood cheeks. Some mesotherapy applications at this age can be used for future investment purposes.

Filling: With age, lips become thinner and lose volume and shape. To restore the old shape, filling applications with hyaluronic acid are preferred. One of the reasons why the filling method is often preferred is that it is very easy to use and the healing process. Before the application, the positions to be filled are determined with the specialist. A cream will be applied for local anesthesia and the area will likely be numbed. After numbness is achieved, the filling process begins. It takes about 30 minutes depending on the areas to be treated. Since it is done with a needle, it is quite normal for needle marks to remain for 1-2 hours. 2 hours after the procedure, the scars will disappear by themselves.

Mesotherapy: In facial mesotherapy, drugs are determined according to the person’s skin problems and applied under the skin. Due to the small amount of related drugs, the possibility of side effects is reduced. Thanks to facial mesotherapy, wrinkles and sagging skin are removed, wrinkles are removed, the skin becomes more radiant and younger. During mesotherapy, collagen and elastin structures in the lower skin layer are stimulated. As a result of stimulation, blood and lymph circulation improves and a response is given. In mesotherapy, minerals and amino acids, determined according to the desires and needs of the person, are mixed and injected in certain proportions.

Hollywood Cheek: In the Hollywood cheek process, the cheekbones are prominent and the facial features are proportionate. By removing excess fat on the cheeks, the person can have a more vibrant and youthful appearance. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia or sedation, depending on personal preference. Approximately 40 percent of the excess fat present is removed from the inside of the cheek. The operation is performed by placing small sutures on the opened incision. The application takes about 1 hour and is painless. The results are visible within 3 weeks after the procedure.

Cheekbone Filling: It is a non-surgical procedure designed specifically for young people. It is suitable for people with less pronounced cheekbones, missing jawline and less fatty tissue around the cheekbones. It produces hyaluronic acid as a filling material, autologous fat and stem cell-assisted fat injections. It gives the desired cheekbone shape with the help of filling material. In order to achieve the desired naturalness after the procedure, it must be carried out by a specialist. Minimal pain is felt during the procedure. The person can continue with their daily life after the operation.

It should not be forgotten that every skin structure is different and there can be genetic disadvantages. For example, the person is 25-26 years old and crow’s feet are clearly visible, and the skin has a structure suitable for early wrinkles. In this case, a Botox treatment can be preferred so that expression lines do not form permanent wrinkles in the early stages.

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