Mastic gum started to be produced traditionally for the first time in Chios. Since ancient times, mastic gum has been used in medicinal drugs to help treat diseases. Mastic gum has the strongest antiseptic content in nature and is effective in fighting infection. For this reason, it is good for respiratory diseases. Here are the miraculous benefits of mastic gum!

Good for asthma

Mastic gum is one of the foods that should be consumed by people with asthma problems. It will be beneficial for those who have shortness of breath to grind mastic into powder and drink it with water. It can also be used by asthma patients by pounding in a pestle and mixing with honey.

Mouth and dental health

Mastic gum is good for oral and dental health with its antiseptic feature. When chewed as gum, it protects dental health and whitens teeth. It also removes bad breath.

Perfect for respiratory ailments

When you mix the mastic with honey and consume it, it heals respiratory diseases. It cleans the infected throat and lungs, helps you get rid of throat infection with its expectorant effect. It also reduces the risk of lung cancer.

Relieves stomach ailments

Due to some of the substances in the mastic content, it is beneficial in stomach problems such as reflux and ulcers. Mastic gum, which is an excellent food for digestion, relieves indigestion after meals, and is also good for nausea and vomiting by regulating stomach acid.

infertility treatment

Recent studies have shown that mastic gum is also effective in the treatment of infertility.

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