Would you believe us if we told you that you can burn 140 calories without even lifting a finger? Before you say no, we say read the research results from Nottingham Trent University. Moreover, to burn 140 calories, it is enough to use the most comfortable and enjoyable part of your home.

Hot bath balances blood sugar, improves sleep quality!

The researchers put one group into 40-degree tubs, while the other group biked for an hour. The ones in the bathroom got a little burned. However, the results were not limited to this. They found that the hot bath also helped maintain healthy blood sugar levels and improve their sleep quality.

An exercise physiologist at Nottingham Trent University, Dr. According to Steve Faulkner, when you take a hot bath your body has to work to avoid overheating. This, in turn, widens blood vessels and affects blood pressure. To maintain stable blood pressure, the heart has to accelerate its heartbeat.

Creates the effect of exercise

These responses of the body are the same as when exercising. The same effects are seen in those who use saunas and hot tubs. Those who take regular hot baths and saunas are protected from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. At the same time, the body can spend 140 calories with the effort it spends in a 40-degree bath.

While the results and findings are pleasing to those who hate going to the gym, Dr Faulkner warns that proper exercise still needs to be done regularly:

“It’s not a shortcut to fitness or a substitute for exercise. Some of the benefits of exercise can mimic but not everything. But for people who can’t exercise, perhaps because of a certain health condition or disability, it can be a useful option.”

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