How is clove oil obtained?

Clove oil; It is made from the dried stems, flowers and buds of cloves. Of course, you don’t have to do it yourself, you can find ready-made oil in various spice shops. Let’s come to three unknown uses.

Clove oil for toothache

You can use clove oil as a mouthwash or as a spray for toothache and inflammation in the mouth.

To get rid of annoying mosquitoes

The smell of clove oil bothers mosquitoes. There are two application methods. First, you can mix a drop of clove oil with your cream and apply it to your skin. Secondly, you can prevent annoying flies from intruding into your home by putting clove oil in front of your window.

Clove oil for respiratory infections

Did you know that clove oil is also good for respiratory tract infections? Clove oil is also an effective method for colds and viruses.

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