Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty)

What is tummy tuck surgery?

Abdominoplasty, which is performed for the purpose of shaping the abdomen by cutting, is a plastic surgery operation that women mostly apply after pregnancy. Due to the extra weight gained during pregnancy, the abdomen may not return to its original shape and sagging may occur. For this, tummy tuck surgery is often preferred. In tummy tuck surgery, when the operation is applied to the outer part of the abdomen, the abdomen is not entered and the tissues that are dealt with are only the sagging tissues.

1. Can tummy tuck surgery be done for stretch marks?

Due to the excessive expansion of the skin, deep cracks may occur in the abdomen and the skin loses its elasticity. In such cases, tummy tuck surgery is preferred to destroy the deformed skin. However, for this, there must be sagging in the abdomen. Because when the cracked parts are removed, it is important that the remaining skin is flexible to cover that area. In other words, the cracks in the abdomen can be closed as much as the skin allows. If too many pieces are removed, the person may have trouble leaning forward. If this surgery is performed without the sagging abdomen, the wound may not heal or the navel may be deformed.

2. Is tummy tuck surgery performed in summer?

One of the most curious issues about tummy tuck surgeries is the time of the surgery. The operation can be done in the summer, but the operation scar should not come into direct contact with the sun. If this is taken care of, there is usually no problem. If the area will be exposed, a sunscreen with a high protection factor should be applied. However, if there is a need to wear a corset after the surgery, a problem may occur. Because the use of corsets in the summer may have negative consequences due to the heat.

3. Who is inconvenient for abdominoplasty?

It may be wrong to apply surgery to people who do not have problems in their abdominal muscles. This surgery should not be applied to those with chronic diseases. This surgery is also not recommended for women who have not given birth. Because if both the muscles and the skin are to be intervened, half of the abdominal skin is removed, the muscles narrow, and because the abdomen cannot expand, cracks may increase during pregnancy and this may cause problems in pregnancy.

tummy tuck surgery

4. Can tummy tuck be applied to those with obesity problem?

It can be applied to people who have gained too much weight and have sagging in the abdomen due to weakening, who have morbid obesity problems (people whose body mass index is above 40). The aim of this operation, which is performed on people with obesity problems, is to make life easier rather than aesthetic improvement. Because in these people, sometimes, the person may not be able to walk and may not be able to meet their general needs because the abdomen sags too much.

5. Can it be applied together with liposuction?

Along with this operation, liposuction (fat removal) method can also be applied. Because in tummy tuck, while the front and sides of the abdomen are shaped, especially the waist part may remain protruding in overweight people. With liposuction, the waist part can be shaped in accordance with the abdominal structure.

6. Will there be any scars after tummy tuck surgery?

During the operation, if the muscles inside are interfered with, scars may remain after the operation. This mark usually remains inside the underwear and is not visible. There may also be a scar on the edge of the navel, but this scar is not noticed as it remains in the navel.

7. What should be considered after tummy tuck surgery?

  • The person can usually eat, walk and be discharged the next day 3-4 hours after the surgery.
  • After the tummy tuck operation, people are asked to wear a corset day and night for three weeks. After three weeks, it is sufficient to wear it during the day.
  • After the operation, people are advised to lie down by pulling their legs slightly to their abdomen or turning sideways instead of lying flat on the bed due to the tension in the abdominal regions. There is no requirement for the mattress to be orthopedic.
  • Sudden contractions, heavy lifting, sudden reflex movements increase intra-abdominal pressure. The increase in this pressure may force the stitches placed to strengthen the inner wall of the abdomen. It is important to be careful while bending down for 2.5-3 months after the surgery, not to lift heavy loads and not to strain the abdominal muscles while doing sports.
  • As soon as the bandages are removed, people can take a bath. If a corset is used instead of a bandage, it is okay to take a bath the next day. It is important to take a bath by protecting the surgical area from hard water blows.
  • Abdominal exercise is not recommended for the first 6 weeks after the operation, especially if the abdominal muscles have been intervened. Because this can increase intra-abdominal pressure. Walking is especially recommended after tummy tuck surgeries.
  • In the tummy tuck operation, normal stitches are used inside and self-dissolving stitches are used outside. In order to reduce scars, creams are recommended to be used from the second week after surgery. These can be cortisone and silicone creams depending on the person’s structure. They should be used once or twice a day for 2 months after tummy tuck surgery.
  • Although it varies according to the structure, full recovery after abdominoplasty varies between 3 months and 9 months. After the procedure, it usually takes 10-15 days for the skin to heal and 3-4 months to shape the abdomen. After 6 months, the body takes its final shape.
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