Spots are a problem caused by the overloading of the melanin cells that give our skin color. It’s more common in women but rare in men. Dark-skinned people have more melanocytes than light-skinned people. Therefore, the blemish problem is more pronounced in brunettes.

Skin wounds and dermatological diseases heal in dark-haired people with pimples. Healing of dermatological diseases such as acne, eczema and ringworm occurs in the form of spots, also areas of the skin irritated by waxing, falling, rubbing, burning and scratching heal in the form of darkening. Because of this, brunettes should be careful not to hurt their skin too much. They shouldn’t be squeezing their pimples, scratching their eczema, breaking the scabs, and seeking immediate treatment for their existing dermatological conditions.


age spots or liver spots; They are oval patches between flat shades of light brown and dark brown seen in sun-exposed areas on fair-skinned people. They can be seen on the back of the hand, chest, back, shoulders and face. They begin to appear in middle age and increase in number over the years. Using sunscreen and staying out of the sun will help prevent new spots from forming.

Spot treatment is a treatment that requires discipline. Sunscreen is the most important step of treatment. It should be noted that sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays, is long-lasting, hypoallergenic and resistant to water and sweat. They should also be used indoors. People should avoid using products that irritate their skin. If an internal disease is suspected that could be causing the spot, this should be investigated. The drug, which is risky due to the possibility of drug-induced discoloration, should be discontinued.


Bleaching creams, peeling, microneedling, PRP and laser procedures are used to treat spots. color lightening creams; It contains substances such as hydroquinone, retinoic acid, azelic acid, kojic acid, arbutin, tranexamic acid, niacinamide, and glycolic acid. Products containing these substances can be used alone or in combination. Treatment must be under the control of a dermatologist. Response to treatment begins to show after two months. Patients are followed up at specific times and medications are changed according to response to treatment. They must be used in conjunction with sunscreen.

Peeling; It is another method used in treating stains. The exfoliation method responds better with a home cream treatment, especially in areas thought to be deep. The aim is to both achieve a detachment of the discolored skin cells and to suppress color production in the skin’s color cells.


The peeling treatment is carried out between four and six sessions at intervals of two or three weeks. Care should be taken that the concentration of acid to be used for the peeling process is not high. Sunscreen use should be continued after treatment. Symptoms such as redness, light crusts and scales can be observed on the skin after the peeling. These symptoms are relieved with moisturizers in a few days.

In the PRP procedure, the growth factor components in the blood are purified using specific procedures. Then it is sprayed on the face. Since the application takes place with an extract from the human’s own blood, it is extremely safe and free of side effects. It should be repeated at regular intervals. When the PRP procedure is used at home along with topical treatment, its effectiveness on the stain increases.

With microneedling, sterile, thin and very sharp needles of different lengths from 0.5-2.5 mm are applied to the surface of the skin with special devices. In this application, the needles create damage in the form of canals that extend into the lower layer of the skin. This damage activates the skin’s own healing mechanism and triggers the restructuring of the skin. With the open micro-channels, the medication applied to the skin penetrates deeply. Color lightening products used after microneedling are applied to the skin through the opened channels.

Laser treatment is used for stubborn, long-lasting and treatment-resistant stains. It is applied in sessions. Undesirable results can occur if not done in safe hands.

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