1. Use moisturizing shampoos for thick hair

Redheads have more hair strands than brunettes and blondes. Hair structures are usually very thick. It gives volume and fullness. Therefore, it is recommended to use conditioning shampoos for thick hair with a high moisture content. Also, thick, red hair can quickly dry out and break if not properly cared for.

2. Use conditioner for colored hair

Both natural red and dyed red hair tend to lose their color shine quickly. With the special care series for dyed hair, you can take targeted measures and thus strengthen the shine of your red hair. Red-pigmented shampoos and conditioners also give hair a fresh shine. You can find such products in any pharmacy or on the Internet.

3. Rely on UV protection products

Red hair fades very quickly. This also applies to people with natural red hair and dyed red hair. UV-protected care products can prevent this. You can also protect your hair from the sun with a towel or hat.

Important: People with natural red hair often have very fair skin, which is particularly sensitive to the sun. Therefore, use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF 50 or higher), apply sunscreen to your skin well all seasons. Regular use will help you prevent sunburn and damage to your skin.

4. Avoid washing too often

This tip applies to anyone who suffers from increased hair breakage or split ends. Be it redhead, blonde or brunette. If you wash your hair very often and every day, you will remove valuable moisture and oils from your scalp. For this reason, we recommend washing your hair only once every 2 to 4 days.

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