No matter how beautiful long hair is, many people are high summer It’s hard not to get overwhelmed when the hair sticks to the neck, forehead and face. If you have not only long hair, but also very thick hair, you can even harm your health in the summer heat.

Especially at high temperatures, it is important not only to consume plenty of fluids, but also to adapt your hairstyle to the scorching heat. We present some hairstyles that not only keep the neck nice and cool but also very trendy.

3 hairstyles that cool you in the heat


It’s loose, airy and done very quickly. The bun is a timeless classic among puffy dresses and creates a perfect figure, especially in hot conditions. Thanks to the knob, the neck and ears are freed. This is why bun hair becomes indispensable in summer. You can also spice it up with great colorful accessories. You should also apply sunscreen with your neck and ears uncovered to avoid dangerous sunburns.

2- French braid

The French braid is also very fashionable this year. And best of all. No sticky skin or need a blow dryer, no strands and loose hair caught in the face in hot winds. You can also make French braids in many different variations. You can braid it from the side or, for a sporty style, part your hair in the middle and make two braids.

3- Ponytail

Simple and understandable. If you do not want your flying hair to stick to your neck in the summer, you can quickly tie it with a ponytail. Of course, it can also be shaped into all art forms. Whether it’s the classic ponytail or the bubble tails where the braid is divided into separate sections with a few hairpins, the practical and cool summer look is always a hit.

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