Everyone wants to have smooth skin, when you wake up in the morning, acne on your face, arms, legs and back can bother you. Did you know that these pimples have different meanings depending on where they originate on your body?

Pimples on the chin

The chin region is the most extreme part of the region called the T-zone. This area is very suitable for lubrication and sebum production. The main cause of acne on the chin is hormones. If it only comes out during PMS and menstruation, it is completely normal, but if you have intense stress and kidney problems, it will cause acne on the chin. In addition, if you epilate this area, acne may occur.

Pimples on cheeks

The main reason for acne on the cheeks is the consumption of sugar more than the amount of sugar taken daily. Excessive consumption of processed products, sugar and dairy products can cause your body to react like this. In addition, in areas where too much makeup is used on top of each other, the pores can become clogged and lead to acne.

Pimples on the nose

The nose area is the oiliest part of the face. That’s why, while it is normal to have acne once in a while, it is a big threat to have abnormal acne constantly. Pimples on the nose can be caused by blood circulation and indigestion. Continuous acne on the nose signals that there is a problem in the veins and circulation. Therefore, heart, spleen, blood pressure or lung diseases come along.

Acne in the neck area

Due to the body’s inability to sweat in hot weather, occasional acne formations can be seen in the neck area. You may have an allergic disease that triggers acne in the neck area that constantly comes out. Detergents, perfumes, creams and shampoos you use on your hair can cause irritation in the neck area.

Pimples on back and neck

Acne on the nape mostly occurs as a result of the oil in your hair clogging the pores in the nape and back area. Especially if you have long and very oily hair, in this case you will encounter neck and hard acne more often.

Pimples on buttocks

Buttock acne is actually caused by inflammation around the hair follicles, known as folliculitis. In addition, acne occurs on the hips due to sitting too much, being overweight, sweating and choosing the wrong underwear.

Pimples on legs

Most of us are familiar with acne that usually occurs on the face, but acne on the legs, although rare, poses major problems. Acne occurs on the legs in cases such as diabetes, excessive sweating of the body due to heat, lack of hygiene, preference for tight clothes during sports. You can prevent acne breakouts by moisturizing your legs abundantly, using the right epilation methods and airing.

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