the yellows of the 70s

While the ’70s shag haircut marked 2021, this year we’re taking retro inspiration from the dramatic blondes of the ’70s. This trend, where dark lows and soft blonde tones intertwine, creates a modern Bridgette Bardot charisma when it is combined with natural bangs. – Photo by @cassidimicco, @sabinasocol


Mixie is the freshest and strongest trend of the year. This haircut, which combines the pixie cut with the mullet cut, offers very useful looks, although it takes courage. The most important detail of this haircut is giving the layers correctly. You can style it with pomade or wax for daily use. – Photo by @altssainthecity, @charlottekuhrt


The bob cut is making a comeback after giving way to long hair in recent years. In 2022, when all kinds of bob cuts will be in fashion, the French style will attract the most attention. Effortless blunt cuts, reminiscent of boys called bobs, are ideal for fine hair. For those who prefer looks that are a bit more feminine, French bob styles with bangs come to the fore. The classic bob remains as usual. – Photo by @chloehelenmiles, @lottaliinalove

copper tones

It is no coincidence that Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid appear with copper hair. Copper tones are enjoying their renaissance in 2022. If you want to make a statement change with your hair, now is a good time to try copper tones. – Photo by @nnennachem, @allisonmcnamara

Weavings of the year 2000

As we see the return of Y2K trends in fashion, we are also seeing their effect on hair. Y2K braids, which are preferred by many celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, are both easy and cool, especially for summer. – Photo by @champagne_mani, @helenacuesta

luxury brown

Luxurious and shiny browns are among the main hair trends in 2022 for those who prefer natural looks. Luxurious browns combined with vibrant tones that match skin tones make hair look shinier than ever. – Photo by @lauraharrier, @xbibigul


Shiny hair is one of the biggest trends this year. This is why flat hair dryers, which create a shiny look from the bottom to the ends, are highly preferred. In particular, straight hair that is parted in the middle and thrown behind the ear is the key to a natural, effortless and neat look. – Photo by @deborabrosa, @annawinck

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