Stronger stomach or bottom possible

“Even if you’ve been carb-free for a long time and spend most of your time in the gym, you still may not be able to achieve the body lines you want, it’s normal. As you try to achieve the perfect body, plastic surgery can help you when you reach the point where you can no longer force your body in terms of diet and exercise. With minor surgical interventions, more pronounced abdominal muscles or a more pronounced buttocks can be achieved. Among the options that can be applied in this regard, we can count high definition liposuction, skinny BBL and buttock prosthesis.

Diamond looking abs with High Definition Liposuction

The layer of fat on the bottom layer of human skin generally consists of two layers. The layer of fat in the depths is the part responsible for lubrication, which expands with weight and bothers everyone. The superficial layer of fat, on the other hand, is the venous layer of fat that gives the skin vitality and lubricity. This superficial layer of fat is the part that should be protected during classic liposuction. The deep layer of fat is the layer that we remove and thin from the body during the procedure. In people who are active in sports, this layer is already quite thin. People who, despite all diet and exercise, still cannot achieve the appearance of abs, we can also operate on this superficial layer of fat and get the appearance of baklava. Experience is very important with this procedure, which uses vaser and pressure-assisted liposuction techniques together. Good planning and precise liposuction techniques are required to complete this process without obtaining an artificial image.

A round and firm butt look with Skinny BBL

Anyone interested in sports knows how exhausting and challenging leg and butt exercises are. Shaping the buttocks in particular requires a lot of discipline and sometimes the desired shape cannot be achieved despite many years of practice. At this point, the Skinny BBL operation can be a lifesaver for you. In particular, the fat collected in the waist, stomach and thigh areas can be used to enlarge the buttocks and give them a rounder, more toned appearance. Fats that are injected into the buttocks area between the skin and muscle under ultrasound control can create the desired image.

Inverted butt view with butt prostheses

If the person does not have the necessary fat for the Skinny BBL surgery, this time the buttocks prosthesis surgery is the priority. With butt prostheses that are placed in the butt muscle, a round, tight and upward-facing butt image can be achieved. In the technique called Supercharged BBL, buttock implants and fat injection can be used together to achieve both projection and hip fullness in the buttocks.

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