Zirconium has an important place in aesthetic dentistry

Zirconium teeth stand out due to their durability and tooth colour. Zirconium teeth, which allow a much more aesthetic appearance compared to conventional metal bridges and metal-supported porcelain teeth, have been successfully preferred in clinical applications since 2002. The most fundamental problem with metal-supported porcelain veneers was that the metal color could not match the natural tooth color and made the teeth appear an undesirable shade. Aesthetic concerns are completely eliminated with zirconium teeth. Zirconium teeth, which are difficult to distinguish from natural teeth, also do not cause the opaque appearance that metal-supported teeth cause due to their translucency. The thermal insulation properties of zirconia teeth, which are lighter than metal-supported porcelain teeth, are also quite good. In this way it is possible to prevent heat and cold sensitivity.

Porcelain teeth should be considered in detail

Aesthetic concerns with metal-supported porcelain teeth can certainly be addressed. In addition, with metal-supported ceramics, the gingiva can take on the metal color over time, causing a gray line to form in the area between the attachment point of the ceramic and the gingiva. If the all-porcelain crowns that we prefer are on the teeth, such aesthetic problems will definitely not arise. All-porcelains, which provide an impressive natural tooth appearance, are also among the teeth that we certainly prefer for dental procedures as they do not become opaque in strong light and do not cause sensitivity to heat.

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