I can say that the summer rain came again like a medicine in this hot and sweltering weather. It was both cool and wet, but it was worth it. One of the known features of summer rain is that it takes away fatigue, rests the soul of the person, even strengthens the hair, and is good for iron deficiency. I mean, if you’re one of those people who run away from the rain, stop there and enjoy the rain. So let’s see what we can do in this rainy weather together.

Take a Walk

The most beautiful thing about rainy weather can be walking wet in the rain without hesitation. Do not worry about getting wet and keep walking in a calm and peaceful way. It will heal your soul.

Coffee and Tea

Brew a tea that will warm you up in rainy weather and rest your soul with the sound of raindrops hitting the glass. Color your day with smashed cookies next to your coffee.

Watch Movies

You can watch movies you haven’t watched. Get under your pike and watch movies you haven’t watched or enjoy watching over and over with popcorn.

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