The question in mind is what is Smart care? Now let’s find the answer to this question with you.. Skin health and beauty is one of the most important indicators of our general health. Having a beautiful and healthy skin is very important in terms of both beauty and mental and physical health. We want our skin to always look smooth and healthy.

Although it is impossible to stop aging, it is now possible to have a healthier skin and look more lively and fresh with non-surgical medical aesthetic applications. The new generation is applied untouched. ‘Smart Care’ one of the popular applications of the last period. This new generation application, which we can reverse all signs of aging on the skin and adds vitality, glow and health to the skin, promises to have a more vibrant and healthy skin.

smart care

What is smart care?

Contrary to the traditional skin care concept ‘smart skin care’ It is done with the personalized tips on the device, without touching the skin. It is based on hydra dermabrasion with AHA and BHA solutions. According to the skin needs of the person, various solutions are used and peeling is done. Thanks to the multipolar radiofrequency, bipolar radiofrequency and cold head technology in the device, sedation of the skin, shrinkage of the pores, and efficient delivery of nutrients to the skin are ensured.

What is smart maintenance technology? How does it work?

With the intense moisture applied to the skin, the skin becomes lively, moist and healthy in a shorter time. In addition to these, it is a concept that performs chemical and mechanical peeling operations at the same stage. Two differently designed matte ends are for normal skin; It is used to clean the dead skin. The smooth tip is for sensitive skin; relieves redness. Solutions selected according to the needs of the person are applied in different treatments. The solution is used in the form of spraying. The solution residue is absorbed from the edges to the inside and collected in the container. Multipolar radiofrequency and bipolar radiofrequency in the device accelerate blood circulation for a rejuvenating effect on the skin. It also performs a treatment that protects the epidermis by cooling it. The dermal layer can be heated up to 45 – 60 degrees to produce more collagen, correct wrinkles, improve skin quality and tighten / stretch the skin.

what are the effects of smart skin care

What are the effects of smart skin care?

– Improvement in skin with acne and sebum problems,

– Improved skin quality,

– Balancing the color tone of the skin,

– Rejuvenation,

– Tightening of pores,

– Regulating the skin’s pH balance


can anyone apply smart skin care

Can anyone apply smart skin care?

Smart skin care is suitable for all skin types.

What are the first effects of smart skin care?

Due to the deep cleansing effect of smart skin care, a visible effect can be observed after the session. In particular, it is stated that the tired appearance of the skin decreases and black spots decrease. The skin gains a brighter and brighter appearance. With the bipolar radiofrequency technology, the skin is shaped and looks more voluminous.

What should the application period be?

Although it varies from person to person, the applications take an average of 40-60 minutes.

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