What is Frozen Eyes?

Frozen Eyes, the latest generation technology, is a new device that, thanks to its special head compatible with the eye area, can be transported and applied around the eyes, performing a repair and care over the eye. Frozen Eyes is one of the most ideal procedures for a younger eye area. It is among the safest uses for bruises under the eyes, bags under the eyes, color unevenness, age-related lines and drooping eyelids.

Visible effect in the first session…

Frozen Eyes, designed with high-frequency technology to be applied on and under custody, can improve the quality of the eyelid and skin under the eyes, and solve sagging problems with its superior technical technology. By suppressing melanin in darker and darker eye area, all eye problems can be visibly treated in the first session, thanks to a single cap with serums that have a fine molecular structure suitable for the skin structure of the eye area.

Ideal for those who do not want surgical intervention…

Frozen Eyes vibration technology features 600 mechanical vibrations per minute, designed for the delicate eye area. The device transfers sera, which have a fine molecular structure in the form of low-frequency vibrations, to the dermis layer, ie to the area where the problem lies.

Frozen Eyes can treat problems below and above the eye without the need for needle-free mesotherapy, needle and surgical procedures. Thanks to its special formula and cutting-edge technology, it offers fast, painless and effective solutions to all problems related to the eye and its surroundings.

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