It is important to choose the make-up materials that you will carry in your bag in a way that will give effective and fast results. Because it will not weigh you down and you will be able to do your make-up in a practical way or refresh your make-up.



The biggest savior of difficult situations is of course eye pencils. It is a product that you should carry with you at all times. Because it is both easy to use and does not make weight. You can have beautiful looks instantly with your eyeliner.

BB Cream


The secret to a perfect make-up is an even skin tone. To even out your skin tone, you can give up foundation or concealers and get help from BB creams. It will not weigh heavily on your skin. It will also cover your minor flaws. That’s why you can include BB creams in your bag.



Effective and effective looks pass through your full-looking eyelashes. In this, we get help from mascara. Keep your mascara on your side for longer and fuller lashes. Even if you don’t have any products in your makeup bag, you should definitely have mascara.



The way to color your makeup and make it more attractive is undoubtedly your lipstick. A makeup without lipstick makes you feel incomplete. Of course, you cannot have any color lipstick in your make-up bag. For this reason, carrying nude colors with you will adapt to any make-up.

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