The decrease in hyaluronic acid in the whole body from the mid-20s makes the knee circumference appear older, especially in thin people. With moisture injections that last about a year, the subcutaneous tissue again stores water and regains its moisture. Removing the dry and wrinkled appearance is the first step to kneecap beauty.

With age, moisture loss isn’t the only issue surrounding the kneecap. The subcutaneous fat layer is significantly reduced. Since the desired long-term increase in collagen tissue in this region is to increase collagen production, collagen vaccines, enzyme vaccines, strand applications are preferred. Collagen vaccines ensure an increase in skin firmness and regeneration in the dermis and connective tissue. Since these surface applications require special techniques, they must be carried out by specialist doctors.

Tightening the skin and subcutaneous tissue is also important to beautify the kneecap. Thermal technologies can be used for this purpose. Focused ultrasound, radio frequency, needle radio frequency applications in sessions provide a gradual loss of elasticity in the area. This application is often preferred for either moisture injection or fillers.

There is also a solution for lubrication around the knee

One of the problems of knee aesthetics is the unwanted fat that builds up around the knee over time. In particular, the fat accumulated on the inside and on the kneecap makes for an unpleasant appearance. Treatment methods are possible with cold lipolysis and enzymatic lipolysis methods to melt the accumulated fat in this region.

In addition, with the new generation muscle-shaping treatment method, more beautiful and lively kneecaps can be obtained. High-intensity electromagnetic energy works by contracting the muscles in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication. By using this electromagnetic device in the areas of agglomeration on the patella, the muscle in that area is nourished or burned, so that the patella can be indirectly healed.

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