With non-surgical eyelid aesthetics, it is possible in many cases to rejuvenate the skin without surgery, especially lower and upper eyelid folds, which ensure rapid regeneration by influencing the skin surface. The gaseous water vapor and nitrogen in the application area are converted into plasma energy with high energy. This energy is used to vaporize the lesion on the skin and destroy the problematic tissue while starting the tissue regeneration process. Regional tightening of the skin, relaxation by removing excess skin. It is a method that is particularly used in patients who do not want an operation.

Eye mesotherapy is a method used for dark circles under the eyes, eyelid edema, fine lines in the form of lines and bags under the eyes due to genetic factors, stress, circulatory disorders and other observed reasons.

Dark circles under the eyes are one of the problems that arise with the loss of substances that provide moisture and elasticity to the skin. This situation, which creates aesthetic anxiety, makes the person look tired, old, and sick. Eye filler is an application to remove bruises and dark circles just under our eyes. Destroys dark circles, bruises, brown circles; Eye fillers, which can be used to get rid of tired, sad and old facial expressions, and hyaluronic acid treatments applied around the eyes will also remove your wrinkles.

In addition, Botox is used on people with advanced eyelid and drooping eyebrows. Low eyelids and eyebrows give the person a sad and grumpy expression. Opening the eyelids and the distance between the eyebrows after the Botox application also changes the facial expression positively. For patients who do not want Botox and have fine lines around the eyes, a youth vaccine or non-surgical eyelid aesthetics can be used.

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