Research conducted by Northwestern University in the USA shows that 30 minutes of daily face yoga exercises strengthen the cheek and facial muscles at the end of 8 weeks, giving the face a younger and firmer appearance. Facial Yoga Trainer Aysun Köse Somuncuoğlu stated that facial yoga, which consists of exercises that activate the sleeping muscles and relax the tired muscles, increases the elasticity of the skin and supports the removal of wrinkles. Face yoga exercises, which cover the area of ​​the body from the face to the shoulders, can create a visible transformation on the skin surface when applied with regular and correct techniques.said.

Aysun Köse Somuncuoğlu stated that yoga exercises, which strengthen the face muscles while relaxing, give the face a more flexible, fresh and fresh structure.

“Achieving a smoother, livelier and younger face is not limited to medical aesthetic applications. Helping the skin to fight the effects of aging naturally, face yoga brings a holistic approach to the beauty routine. Exercises that target the anxiety centers of the face such as frown lines, forehead, lips and crow’s feet have a healing effect not only on the skin surface but also on holistic health. Regular face yoga exercises give the skin the glow it needs and play a supportive role in eliminating stress, anxiety and irregular sleep problems.

‘It should be done regularly with the right techniques’

Stating that face yoga has turned into a daily beauty ritual with the exercises in the videos that are frequently seen on the internet and social media platforms, Somuncuoğlu said: The exercises, which can be performed by anyone over the age of 18, yield fruitful results when done regularly with the right techniques under the supervision of experts. Although such exercises, which are done unconsciously at home, do not pose a health hazard, unfortunately, they do not go beyond wasted time. Exercises that are not applied to the right points of the skin are no different from a relaxing skin massage.warned.

The most natural formula of beauty

Saying that she met face yoga 6 years ago, which offers the most natural formula of beauty compared to Botox and similar medical aesthetic applications, Aysun Köse Somuncuoğlu said, “In this process, my skin went through a great transformation. In order for everyone to have this experience, I received extensive training and participated in research studies. Later I became an educator and consultant. During the trainings, which were in serious demand by those interested in different branches of art, especially musicians, I witnessed that the exercises had a faster effect on men.”

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