We all wonder what the secret is behind the beautiful and youthful skin of our favorite celebrities. Even if they wear make-up all day and encounter harsh lighting during the shoot, they always have a natural glow on their face. We reveal this beauty secret.

Many celebrities like to do this therapy before putting on their make-up, because icy cold water helps make-up stay longer. It controls the natural oils of your skin and also prevents your makeup from spreading.

What is Iced Water Face Wash?​

This ice therapy is nothing new, it has been used for centuries. The process involves exposing your skin to cold heat for a few seconds and is believed to have many benefits for it.

The biggest benefit to the skin of ice therapy on your face is that it closes open pores and minimizes all puffiness. The quick and easy ritual you should do in the morning to reduce bloating…

Benefits of Washing Face with Ice Water

  1. Many of us wake up in the morning with a swollen face and there can be many reasons behind it, such as oversleeping, eating certain foods or even sleeping with makeup on. Soaking the face in ice-cold water helps to soothe the skin and reduce puffiness.
  2. Many women suffer from inflammation that leads to conditions such as the face. If you are suffering from this skin condition, you can try the ice method. Ice water will help reduce inflammation, which is a common cause of problems like acne.
  3. Enlarged pores are one of the most common skin problems. When the pores on your face are large and open, they attract oil, dirt, and dust that continue to build up over time and destroy your skin’s natural glow. These pores appear larger when sebum, dirt accumulates in them. Iced water immersion on the face can help minimize the size of your pores, which makes your face look beautiful and youthful.
  4. If your skin has started to sag, you should switch to the ice water face immersion method. This beauty hack will help you tighten your skin. When you soak your face in cold water, your skin pores begin to tighten. Regular use of this beauty hack will give you firmer, younger looking skin. Also, this ice water treatment prevents the appearance of signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

How Is Ice Water Facial Therapy Done?


  • Ice
  • This
  • face wash container


Add water and ice to a bowl. Immerse your face in the bowl at 5-10 second intervals. This can be done several times. If you do this first thing in the morning, you will see the benefits.

Things to Consider Before Immersing Your Face in Iced Water​

  • If you have a skin condition like acne, before you make this beauty hack a part of your routine. to your dermatologistconsult.
  • Those with sensitive and dry skin should avoid following this beauty tip as it can worsen skin dryness and even lead to irritation and redness.
  • You should not immerse your face in cold water for too long, otherwise it may cause skin irritation.
  • If you feel itching or redness after the first use, stop using it immediately.
  • If your skin condition worsens after following this beauty tip, consult your dermatologist immediately and have it treated.
  • Ice therapy is generally recommended not to exceed 5 minutes.

If there are those who have tried this application, we would be happy if they share it as a comment…

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