Although it is believed that walking is the least effective sport among the people, if it is done regularly and in tempo, it creates significant changes in the body. Walking, which works the blood flow in a healthy way and is very effective in cardiovascular health, is often misunderstood among the public. So what should the right walk be like? How to walk Specialist from Memorial Antalya Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department. Dr. Feride Ekimler Süslü gave information about the importance of regular marches on the occasion of “October 3rd World Walking Day”.

Regular walks; By increasing blood flow and the amount of blood vessels, it improves circulation and helps reduce the risk of vascular diseases such as cardiovascular and brain. Thanks to walking, the muscles get stronger, the rate of obesity and stress decreases, and the aging process is delayed. It is of great importance to make regular walks a lifestyle for a healthy and quality life.

Walking strengthens bones

Regular walks increase the body’s capacity to use oxygen and work large muscle groups dynamically and rhythmically. Regular walks for a healthy and quality life provide 6 calories per minute. It helps to reduce the fat ratio in the body by preventing weight gain. Walking strengthens bones, facilitates weight maintenance, and control of heart and lung health. People over the age of forty should definitely start walking programs under the supervision of a doctor. People with diseases such as hypertension and diabetes should not neglect their doctor’s visits frequently.

Pay attention to these while walking;

  • Walking should be done at least two hours after a light meal.
  • Plenty of water should be consumed before and after the walk.
  • After a heavy meal, fast and strenuous walks should be avoided.
  • Special insoled walking shoes suitable for walking should be used.
  • If the walks will be held in the open area, early morning hours should be chosen.
  • Again, it is useless to wrap the body with nylon, linoleum and similar materials while walking in order to lose weight.

You can burn 6 calories per minute

The walk should be started slowly with warm-up movements. You can spend 2-6 calories per minute by taking one step per second, and 5-7 calories per minute by taking two steps. In the same way, the walking should be ended gradually. With this walking program and a regular nutrition plan, 5-6 kilos can be lost per year. It is also very useful to contract and relax the hip muscles at least 30 times during the day while walking or sitting.

The health benefits of walking are as follows;

  • It reduces insomnia,
  • It facilitates digestion,
  • regulates blood pressure,
  • It prevents the feeling of fatigue,
  • Increases respiratory capacity,
  • It provides hardening and strengthening of bones,
  • Provides the release of natural pleasure hormones (endorphins) in the body,
  • Increases mental acuity and creative thinking potential by increasing oxygen supply to the brain,
  • It regulates the HDL/LDL (benign-bad cholesterol) balance. It lowers the level of blood fats (triglycerides).
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