One of the first exercises that come to mind when it comes to improving the body, losing weight or gaining a fit appearance is squat movements. Although it is known as a butt recoverer, the trainer answered all questions about the squat movements that affect not only the butt but also all the muscles in the leg, and about the correct squat movements.

The first movement that comes to mind when it comes to strength and bodybuilding exercises is definitely squat. The reason you see squats in the training plans of many athletes of all types today is because they are an amazing exercise that can work many muscle groups of the body at the same time. So, how to do the right squat? Here is the answer…

How to do the right squat?

Contrary to what is known, the correct squat is done as we have shown, with the pelvis closed, hands squat down in front, the center of gravity is not too far or too far back, we stood a little more upright, we breathed, I stood up with support from the heel, at the finish, I finished the movement with a tilt and squeezed the hip, I showed it again, the center of gravity can be too far ahead. let’s show the wrong thing to go forward, we will definitely not go forward. I got up straight and with support from the heel. Beginners can do this movement for fifteen repetitions. In the next training, they can go up to two sets of fifteen repetitions.

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