Those who complain about the fat in the bagel area, come here! If you say, ‘No matter what I do, I can’t lose the fat in my waist area’, you are in the right place. The solution to this situation, which is quite annoying for both men and women, lies in just a few movements. Thanks to these movements that you will apply regularly, you will be able to get rid of the fat in your side area. So how to melt the fat in the side areas? Here are the most effective methods of getting rid of fat in the bagel area!

To melt the fat in the bagel area…

If you want to melt your fat in the bagel area, the first thing you should do is lie on a flat surface. Take a deep breath and bend your legs moderately. On your V-shaped legs, try to reach first to the right leg with your right hand and then to the left foot with your left hand. Make sure your arms are stretched during this time. This movement is one of the most effective movements that melts the fat in the bagel area.

take short breaks

Fully open the legs and try the forward squat and lift. Finish in 4 sets, as each set will be 15 moves. Don’t forget to take breaks from time to time.

Make half turns left and right

Stand up from the lying position, spread the legs apart and bend the arms at chest level. Imagine holding something in your lap. Arms bent at the elbows and standing still at a 90-degree angle to the chest. Make half turns to the right and left. Take care to do these movements on average 40 minutes after eating. Exercising right after the meal can be quite harmful. Do not forget to take small breaks between the exercises.

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