You can also make herringbone braid that adapts to every different category in daily life at home! Although it looks like a very difficult hairstyle from the outside, you can easily use the herringbone hairstyle with practical techniques. Herringbone braid, which fits easily in a stylish invitation or in the shabby street style of daily life, is among the models that can never go out of fashion. So how to knit herringbone at home easily? Here are the easiest methods for readers…


Braid hairstyle is one of the preferred hairstyles from past to present, even for centuries. Although there are different knitting models, the herringbone weave, which seems to be very difficult to make, has always had a different place. The most practical ways to make a herringbone hairstyle that you can use in school, at work, at a wedding or in daily‘in!

– First, when starting the braid, take a strand from the front middle of the hair and comb it. Then, after knitting the strand twice, separate the two strands with your hand. After adding a pinch between 2 tufts, the rest will come automatically. You can make your hair herringbone braid by taking each strand from below. You can finish it in the desired part of your hair and fix it with a rubber buckle.

It will be possible to see the herringbone knitting pattern, which is frequently used in the world of celebrities, on the red carpet or in their daily lives. You can try the herringbone hairstyle that we have put together for you at home and use it in your desired outfit combination by gaining hand practice a few times.

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