Vaser liposuction, which occupies a valuable place in liposuction technology, provides lasting and pleasant results in a short time. A very successful result is achieved by targeting only the adipose tissue without damaging other tissues in the body during the process.

What is vaser liposuction?

It is one of the most favored techniques among the body shaping processes in the development of technologies.

Regional lubrication is carried out with the help of thin cannulas. With this method, which is preferred on many parts of the body, there is no accidental bruising and swaying problem.

It can be applied to many parts of the body at the same time. In vaser liposuction, a sophisticated procedure, the fat cells are separated by sound waves without being damaged. Thus, the sound waves with the frequency given during the process allow the fats to become liquid without affecting tissues other than the fat. This liquefied structure is drawn through cannulas and collected in special chambers.

Fats extracted during surgery can be reused in different parts of the patient’s body. Especially these healthy fat cells are preferred in breast augmentation and butt lift processes. These oils can also be used to sculpt cheekbones, give cheeks a fuller appearance and eliminate fine lines on the face.

For whom is it suitable?

All persons, whether male or female, can opt for body shaping. It is one of the latest technologies, especially with the fact that it occupies a valuable place in the removal of resistant fats that do not go away with exercise and dieting. Since sound waves can be used very closely, a muscle image can be generated with this operation if desired.

Why is it preferred?

According to classical methods, there is no accidental bruising, pain, bleeding, and it has a very fast smoothing process. It attracts a lot of attention with its activity and sturdiness, which is among the latest and contemporary technologies. Because of this, the number of people who have this application is increasing sharply.

Are the results permanent?

Resistant fats are successfully removed from various parts of the body. In vaser liposuction, a reliable method, the fatty tissue, which is liquefied with the fat cells scattered like a bunch of grapes, is removed using thin cannulas. After the procedure, patients should pay attention to their eating, drinking and sports activities. If attention is paid to these points, the results are permanent and long-term.


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