Acne blemishes, scars, are the result of acne caused by skin pores clogged with dead cells, excess oil and bacteria. The blockage leads to swelling of the pores, which can cause breakage in the follicle wall. This can create deep or shallow lesions that appear prominently on the skin.

Shallow lesions are usually small and heal faster than deep ones. Deep break in the pore wall increases the risk of spreading the infected material to the surrounding tissues, creating deeper lesions. Your skin tries to repair these lesions by creating new collagen fibers. However, these repairs are not smooth compared to your original skin.

Do you know?

Acne scars are common on the face, back, and chest. Approximately 80% of people between the ages of 11-30 have acne, and at least 1 of these 5 people has acne scars.

Acne scars are the result of inflamed acne lesions. These lesions penetrate your skin and damage the tissues underneath. This can leave a mark or pit behind.

How to Get Rid of Acne Spots at Home?

  1. Lemon juice: Lemon juice is a natural skin whitener and helps in the disappearance of acne spots. Drop equal amounts of water and lemon juice on a cotton ball and apply it only to the acne scars. After 15-20 minutes, wash and rinse your face. Lemon has a pH of 2 and your skin has a pH of between 4.0 and 7.0, so keeping lemon juice on the skin for a long time can be harmful. Since lemon can dry the skinIt is useful to apply moisturizer to your skin after washing your face.
  2. Peeling with Carbonate:By exfoliating your skin with baking soda, removes dead cellsthus Lightens the visibility of acne scars. What you need to do is to mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 2 teaspoons of water and make a dough. Then massage the mask into your skin for 2 minutes, wash and dry your face, that’s it! It is not recommended to apply this mask on pimples, because the pH level of baking soda is 7.0, and the substances suitable for your skin should be in the range of 4.7-5.5, applying baking soda to the acne may cause the inflammation to spread further. In another application, apply baking soda to the spot where the acne spot is, wait 10-15 minutes, wash and rinse.
  3. Honey :Honey treats redness caused by acne scars and acne spots. It is a natural solution.because honey contains antibacterial properties, soothes the skin and helps reduce inflammation. Apply honey to the acne scars. Honey is a great ingredient for dry skin, it moisturizes the skin without irritating it.
  4. Ice:Ice has anti-inflammatory and redness-reducing properties. It is a natural remedy that fades acne spots. Wrap a piece of ice in a cloth and rub it on the spots for a few minutes. Putting green tea in an ice cube, freezing it, and applying these green tea ice cubes to your skin will be more effective in getting rid of acne spots, due to the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea.
  5. Sandalwood Paste: Sandalwood powder is a medicinal herb for skin problems. Add some rose water or milk to 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder and make a paste. Keep it for half an hour on the spot with the acne spot. Follow this recipe every day until the acne scars are gone. Mixing sandalwood powder with some honey and applying it to the stains will also work.
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar:Apple cider vinegar helps your skin to balance the pH, removal of red spots and acne scars It helps. Mix and dilute apple cider vinegar with equal proportions of water and apply it to acne spots. (If you do not dilute apple cider vinegar with water, it will make your face blush!)
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