“A flamboyant hip is always more protruding. For this purpose, prostheses can be placed in the butt area or fat injections can be made. It is possible to achieve the desired result, especially by pulling the unwanted fat from the lower part of the butt and applying it to the upper part. Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Diren Çelik He gave information about it.”
Alternative Methods

Although filler injections made with water-based fillers are shown as an alternative by some circles, it is a method that is never used by me. The reason is that they can easily be replaced. This causes serious asymmetrical images to occur. Healthy methods are prosthesis and fat injections.

Buttock Augmentation Before Surgery

After the measurements made before the surgery and the examination, the shape and size of the prosthesis to be used is decided by talking with our patients. Here, in addition to my experience, the expectations of the patient are also extremely important. In addition, the level at which the prosthesis will be placed (intramuscular, under the muscle sheath, under the skin) should be planned. If oil injection is to be made, the regions are marked.

Before the operation, water, food and smoking should not be used for 6 hours. At the time of the operation, the patient is lowered into the operating room with the comfort of the medicine made in his bed and the operation is completed under general anesthesia.

Buttock Augmentation Surgery Technique

The operation begins with an incision made from the coccyx region. In addition to the prosthesis decided during the operation, one large and one small size are also kept in the operating room. By placing the trial lengths of these prostheses, it is clearly seen which one can achieve the expected result. In this way, the final decision is made in the operating room. As a result, the patient-specific prosthesis is opened and placed. After wearing compression stockings, our patients are woken up with painkillers and taken to their room. Drains are not used in these surgeries.

Buttock Augmentation After Surgery

It is possible to be discharged from the hospital 1 day after the operation. Postoperative pain can be relieved with the help of painkillers. The corset, which is dressed at the end of the surgery, should be used for 1 month. Even if there is a faint trace in the form of a line in the coccyx, it is very difficult to see. Pain may be felt while walking, sitting or even lying down for about 10 days. However, it will be necessary to lie face down during rest times for the first 10 days. Sutures will not need to be removed as they are embedded.

When butt augmentation surgeries are performed with fat injections, it promises a much more comfortable post-operative process. Surgery using prosthesis should be applied to patient patients.

Source: Mahmure

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