With regular use you will achieve firm and youthful skin!

Anti-wrinkle masks that you can naturally prepare at home aren’t just for the face; It can also be applied to hands, feet and neck. With regular use, thanks to the mask, you can achieve a more toned and younger look, and its effects will show in a short time. The materials used in the natural anti-wrinkle mask can also nourish the skin by ensuring that the vitamins and minerals necessary to nourish the skin are effective. In this way, the moisture and health that the skin needs are reflected on your skin.

Natural mask recipes that erase the effects of aging

Banana Mask: Thanks to the vitamin E contained in the banana, your wrinkles will be reduced and your skin cells protected. Puree 1 ripe banana in a blender. Apply it to your skin in a thick layer and leave it on for 25 minutes. You can then clean your skin with warm water. You can use this mask once a week.

Apple Mask: Grate 1 apple and set aside. Boil 2 tablespoons of water and 1 tablespoon of milk cream. Add the grated apple. After cooking, allow the mixture to cool. Apply a thick layer to the areas where you have wrinkle problems and wait an hour. Then rinse your skin with cold water. With regular long-term practice, you will notice a difference.

Fresh yeast mask: Mix 1 fresh yeast with warm water until you get a creamy consistency. When the mixture becomes homogeneous, apply intensively to the area of ​​u200bu200bwrinkles and wait 30 minutes. Clean your skin by washing it with cold.

Cucumber Mask: Mash 1 cucumber and extract its juice. Add half a tea glass of milk to this essence and mix. Apply to the area where you have wrinkles with cotton pads. After drying, do the same operation 3 more times. In the last process, wait 10 minutes and rinse the mask with cold water.

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