Turkish coffee, which is effective from metabolism to skin, becomes harmful for health in some cases. Because of the high amount of caffeine in Turkish coffee, it is a slightly dangerous drink for blood pressure patients and pregnant people. While there is an average of 60 mg of caffeine in a cup of Turkish coffee, at this point, Turkish coffee cannot be said to be harmless. Caffeine will be beneficial when consumed in a certain amount.

What are the harms of Turkish coffee?

It is seen that some health problems occur in case of excessive consumption of Turkish coffee.

– Turkish coffee can adversely affect the heart rhythm, causing heart palpitations.

– By increasing stomach acids, it can increase diseases such as ulcers.

– It triggers migraine and can cause headaches.

– It raises blood pressure.

– Excessive consumption of coffee causes the loss of vitamins and minerals in the body.

– Especially not recommended for pregnant women. Caffeine has a negative effect on the baby.

– Excess consumption creates water loss.

– May reduce reproductive hormones.

What are the benefits of Turkish coffee?

– Increases energy level and strengthens intelligence

– Accelerates fat burning

– Increases physical performance

– Contains important micronutrients

– Provides protection against cancer and cardiovascular diseases

– Protects against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia diseases

– Gives a feeling of satiety

– It reduces stress

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