Do ugly, dark shadows adorn your eyes in the morning? Unfortunately Dark circles are not uncommon as the list of possible causes is long. Iron, stress as well as a sleepless night Lack of nutrients such as nicotine and alcohol, and organ diseases such as thyroid gland, kidney or liver may also come to the fore. So, if you can’t explain where the dark shadows are coming from, or if you’re suffering from dark circles under your eyes permanently, you should seek advice from your doctor and possibly have your blood tested for nutrients.

Many people are bothered by its dark shadows that make you look sick and tired. Fortunately, you can help with a little makeup and cover dark circles in no time.

Eliminate dark circles with concealer

Concealer is a make-up that you can use to hide under-eye circles, redness or skin imperfections. Concealers have more coverage than foundations. They are available in different consistencies. For example, in liquid, cream or powder form.

Your concealer should be one shade lighter than your own skin tone. Too dark tones emphasize too much and products that are too light will make your face look unnatural and mask-like. If you have brown circles under your eyes, it’s best to use a concealer with an orange undertone. This balances out the dark shadows. If your eyes tend to be decorated with bluish shadows, you should use a yellowish concealer.

You should definitely use a cream before applying your concealer. This provides moisture to the delicate skin around the eyes and prevents concealer from settling into dryness lines later. If you are using foundation, apply before reaching for concealer. The reason: If you apply a foundation first, it covers the pigments of the concealer and reduces the refreshing effect. Apply the concealer to the inner corner of the eye under the eye. Avoid using too much product and gently blend the product outward for a natural result.

hide dark circles without makeup

Don’t have a concealer or don’t want to use makeup to hide your shadows under your eyes? Don’t worry! We introduce you to some at-home natural products that hide your dark circles completely naturally.

cucumber slices

Put two slices of cucumber on your closed eyes. The vegetable moisturizes your skin and provides a nice hit of freshness. This contributes to making dark circles lighter thanks to the coolness.

facial massage

You can also counteract dark shadows with a light massage. Just tap the area between the outer edge of the eye and the bridge of the nose – this stimulates blood circulation and stimulates the eyes quickly.

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