Is it difficult to control curly hair? Especially if it swells, it is a situation that the head can be eaten. It can be a very nice look when used in beautiful curls without making your hair fluffy. Here are the tips..

pushing our hairand the factor that makes it dry or brittle

  • dry heating air
  • frequent change from outside to inside
  • improper hair care
  • too much sun
  • chemical processes
  • wrong hair style

1. Use anti-frizz shampoos

Hair care plays a very important role when it comes to our hair health, and it is no different when it comes to preventing electrification. Special anti-frizz shampoos that moisturize the hair and prevent it from drying are suitable for a mane prone to frizz. Apart from that, you should not wash your hair every day because washing your hair often dries the hair and this promotes frizz.

2. Do not let the hair dry

Don’t blow dry your hair, let it air dry – many people make this mistake because they think it’s kind to the hair. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case: damp hair swells quickly, which puts pressure on the cuticle and causes hair breakage. If you blow dry your hair instead, the cuticle layer is sealed by the high temperatures, preventing our hair from reacting with moisture and forming frizz.

3. Blow dry properly

You’ve already guessed it – we can get pretty wrong with blow-drying, too. First, you shouldn’t blow dry your hair too hot because heat strips moisture from the hair, which can cause damage and thus frizz. Accordingly, you should lower the temperature of the hair dryer (and straightener if you use it) and apply a heat protectant before use. Also, avoid blow drying in the opposite direction of growth and instead work from top to bottom with the blow dryer.

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