If breast augmentation is being considered, information should be sought specifically about which implant size and shape would look best on the body. Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ufuk Askero─člu told you what you need to know about choosing the right implant.”

Breast implant size is the most influential factor in how the implants will affect your appearance. First, it’s important to know that breast implant sizes are not the same as bra cup sizes. Breast implants are measured in volume, usually in cubic centimeters (cc) or milliliters. The more cc or milliliter an implant has, the larger it will protrude. The protrusion of the breast implant is also affected by its diameter, which is the width of the implant at its widest point. The larger diameter implant will be flatter and protrude less than the narrower implant.

It can be round and drop-shaped

Breast implants can be round or drop-shaped. Round implants have a symmetrical shape and provide the same level of fullness throughout the chest. The teardrop shape has more volume in the lower half, which gives more fullness to the breast area below the nipple. Breasts with drop-shaped implants have a more natural appearance, while breasts with round implants are much fuller at the top and protrude more outward. While round implants generally look less natural than drop-shaped implants, they provide a more pronounced fullness that most women prefer.

Things to pay attention

If you have a narrow chest and/or a small frame, the size of the implants you can safely and comfortably fit is limited. Therefore, even if you are limited to small diameter implants, you can still opt for high-profile implants to achieve greater fullness. Do you want it to look natural or have a more dramatic look? If you want natural-looking breasts, it is usually better to choose smaller implants with a medium profile and/or teardrop shape. If you have sagging existing breasts, you may prefer larger implants to provide the required volume. However, in addition to implants, you can also choose a breast lift.

You should consult with your surgeon when making the choice.

If your natural breasts are very small and you don’t have a lot of breast tissue, very large implants may not be suitable. There is a risk of the implant contours being visible under the skin. If you have a very active lifestyle or do high-impact exercise, having larger implants can make exercise more difficult. When making your implant selection, you should discuss the options with your surgeon and consider their recommendations for size and shape.

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