A more defined jawline and a chinless look are associated with youth and attractiveness. The jowl and chin shaping procedures, which not only women but also men frequently apply, continue to gain popularity. Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Op. Dr. Mehmet Sürmeli conveyed important information.”

Sagging in the jowl and chin area creates cosmetic concerns

As we age, skin elasticity decreases, facial volume is lost, the cheek area sags and the effect of gravity begins to be seen on the jowl and jaw line, also called “jawline”. However, this cosmetic problem does not always occur due to advancing age. Weight changes in young people can cause the jowl to become prominent and the jaw line to become irregular. Lubrication in the jowl area and structural changes in the chin area may cause the facial features to lose their clarity and deteriorate the facial proportion, causing the person to have aesthetic concerns. The main reason for this is that having a strong chin shape and line is associated with youth, beauty and attractiveness. Thanks to the chin shaping applications, the chin tip can be clarified, the chin corners can be sharpened and the junction points of the jowl and chin can be made more clear. Removing the fat in the jowl area with the VASER liposuction method can also eliminate the factors that cause self-confidence problems.

Effective results are obtained with jawline filling

Jawline filling, also called chin filling, can be defined as a type of filling applied to the area extending from the lower corner of the chin to the tip of the chin. Known as the jawline, this line defines the face oval and defines the face shape. The tight and clear lines of the jawline area make the face and neck area look thinner, where signs of aging are often seen. Contrary to popular belief, filling applications are not only applied to areas with volume loss on the skin and lips. We can achieve very successful results with filling applications in the chin tip and jawline region. During the filling applications to create the jawline, the lower jaw corner is given a prominent appearance, while the jaw tip area is also highlighted. While the chin tip and lower jaw corner are given a clear shape, the line between these two areas can be shaped with filling in line with the needs of the individuals. Thus, people who are not satisfied with the chin contour can also be satisfied with the results of Jawline filling.

Fats in the jowl area can be removed with vaser liposuction.

Vaser liposuction is the most effective method for people who have complaints of fat in the jowl area. During Vaser liposuction, which can also be performed to remove fat from the jowl area, the fats removed from the body can be injected into different areas of the face to give volume. The fact that the person can continue his normal life immediately after these applications performed under local anesthesia is also effective in the preference of the technique.

There are also different methods for shaping the jowl and chin.

The increase in aesthetic awareness and the diversification of medical aesthetic applications allow different procedures to be applied in line with the needs of the person. Although Jawline filling is a very effective method in shaping the jawline, a high level of satisfaction can be obtained from non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures with the Scarlet S device. . The application takes place quickly and quite comfortably, our patients feel minimal pain. The fact that the session does not require special care and that it is done safely to people of all age groups increases the advantages of this medical practice. In addition to jowl and chin shaping, Scarlet S; It can also be preferred in areas such as skin rejuvenation, skin stretching, skin tightening, treatment of fine wrinkles, sebum balancing, removal of arm sagging and body tightening.

Non-surgical facial aesthetic applications should be planned individually.

Many factors such as aging, air pollution, malnutrition, lifestyle, and exposure to stress can cause skin aging. Today, traces of time can be taken back with non-surgical facial aesthetic applications, but these applications must be planned individually. The success of the results can be increased by performing different applications simultaneously in line with the signs of aging on the face. For example, the cheekbones of patients who undergo jowl and chin reshaping with Jawline filling can be clarified, or an eye-catching change can be achieved by removing wrinkles in the nasolabial region.


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