“Signs of aging first start around the eyes. The eyes, which are the focal point of the face, create a more exhausted and old image in the person due to reasons such as tiring city life, environmental factors, intense work schedule. For this reason, the eye is one of the most important places to be considered in aesthetic facial surgeries. Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Assoc.

Many patients suffer

The eyes are often the first place we focus when meeting a new person, and the first change that many people notice with aging is the eye area. Operations performed around the eyes are grouped under the title of ‘periorbital (around the eye) rejuvenation’. Young and natural-looking eyes are seen as the most important condition for obtaining a young face. Today, unfortunately, surgical intervention, botox, filling and similar procedures are performed in many places, under inappropriate conditions, apart from plastic surgeons. Misapplications made by uneducated people, who are not even doctors, have very serious consequences. Many patients become victims and problems that are difficult to solve appear.

The aesthetic approach around the eyes requires a separate expertise. Seeing this job as just a simple filling or eyelid procedure can cause serious inconveniences. There are many methods for eyelid aesthetic surgeries, but the main rule is that the 4 main areas should be evaluated together. These; eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids and midface (cheek area). Failure to correct any of these areas generally prevents full rejuvenation. For example, in a patient with low eyebrows or sagging cheeks, correction of eye bags alone does not provide satisfactory rejuvenation.

One of the most popular surgeries of recent years

In general, for a lively look, youthful and energetic appearance, the midface area covering the cheeks should be considered as well as the eyebrows of the patients. With the developing technology in recent years, very good results can be obtained with scarless surgery techniques. For example, with “endoscopic mid-face lift”, one of the most popular surgeries of recent years, cheek and lower eyelid tissues can be lifted and brought to where they should be. This procedure also lifts the corners of the mouth, flattening the fold at the corners of the mouth (nasolabial area) and improving the transition between the cheek and lower eyelid. Likewise, with a similar method, the eyebrows can be lifted (endoscopic eyebrow lift) and brought to their ideal places without leaving any traces.

Individual planning is done

In general, in patients with eye bags, after a comprehensive examination, surgical or non-surgical techniques can be planned individually. In some patients, surgery is the absolute solution, while in many patients, very effective results can be obtained with local, short-term procedures. The important point is that all these procedures should be performed by experienced plastic surgeons who are especially interested in eye aesthetics. Among hundreds of techniques, your surgeon can apply the necessary and appropriate technique according to your facial structure and request. Always remember to thoroughly discuss all treatment options with your doctor before having a procedure or surgery!

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