“The area around the eyes and eyelids, including the eyebrows, is sometimes genetically low with age. This expression is a problem that bothers many people with its tired and sad expression. Instead of having eyelid aesthetics with traditional surgical techniques, many people prefer non-surgical eyelid aesthetics. Medical Aesthetics Doctor Gökçe Haspolat gave information about non-surgical eyelid aesthetics.

Recovery time is very fast in the procedure without incision

Non-surgical eyelid aesthetics is a very comfortable application that restores drooping eyelids to their original position. The results of this incisionless procedure are truly extraordinary because it lifts the eyelids, opens the eyes and corrects any sagging that appears on the upper eyelid. Since no incision is made, the healing process is extremely short and there is no scarring.

Those who have non-surgical eyelid aesthetics with the 6D Star hanger are very happy because after the application in a very short time, they can instantly return to their social life and see the effect immediately. We first perform an examination, a preliminary interview with my patient, and then I make markings on the skin to achieve the look we desire. Since I injected local anesthetic to the forehead area, there is no pain or ache. After placing the 6D Star hanger towards the front hairline at the beginning of the temple, I hang the eyelid as much as we decide. The rope I place both allows me to lift as much as I want and provides a source of tension that slowly clings to the tissue and stimulates the body’s collagen production. This creates a smoother and tighter appearance. The number of rope throws is determined according to the needs of my patient. Sometimes this can be up to 2, 4 sometimes 6 ropes. I would like to see my patients 1 month after the suspending procedure, to see the fully seated result, and when necessary, I re-suspend the rope under control.

As I said, we can eliminate droopy eyelids with the 6D Star suspension, and it takes an average of 15 minutes without surgery. Treatment takes 1 to 2 years, depending on the patient’s natural metabolism. This change in the eyes and eyebrows adds an incredible freshness and gives a youthful effect. The reason why I did this application, especially with the 6D star hanger, is that it has a more permanent effect compared to the applications made with other ropes.

SOURCE: Mahmure

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