From time to time, when we stay in wrong postures for a long time, when the blowing wind hits our back or when we have to stand for hours, we feel that our back hurts, and perhaps this makes our movements restricted. You may think that it will be better to sit and rest when these pains increase, but this is wrong. Experts recommend that you do exercises that are good for back pain during periods of back pain. So, which exercises are good for your back pain, let’s examine together.

Child Posture

This yoga movement, also known as balasana, provides relaxation in the spine, neck and shoulder areas by relaxing the muscles. Flexibility will increase along the spine as the muscles relax.

Sitting Spine Bend

Sitting and bending the spine, which is one of the best movements for back pain, is very effective by relaxing the whole body. You can practice this movement regularly, which is one of the easiest movements to do and provides just as much effect.

Sitting Forward Leaning

This posture, which is also one of the yoga movements for back pain, has an effect on the whole body, and when it is done regularly, you will feel that the back pain is greatly relieved. It will also stretch your leg muscles.

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